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Nature versus Nurture

Many people will assume it runs in their family or they get it from their parents. Therefore, there is nothing they can do. This may be the case. Surely, if a person’s mother is balding and so are her sisters, it must to be genetic. Or is it? Don’t forget: Damaging habits such as not shampooing often enough, use heated tools too often and at extreme temperatures, or relaxing on top of already straightened hair can also run in families.

Level of Thinking


  • the blame is shifted away.
  • it is seemingly not my fault.
  • there is nothing I can do about it.


  • I accept that my actions against my hair have caused this damage
  • I can change my ways.
  • I can reverse this downward spiral.

Don’t always assume your hair problems are caused by nature, 99% of my clients cases are not caused by nature but instead the result of the chemical, physical, and/or thermal damage.  If possible, consult an expert. Think positively and Get back on Track!

But the question still remains… 
Why are women losing hair?

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