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As a Trichologist and as a woman I have always been committed and determined to get to the root of the problem.

There were just too many unanswered questions and I felt that my patients desired more. I have been in the hair care field for more than 30 years as a licensed professional and I had many theories about why women lose hair, so I conducted studies to prove my theories. My finding was a blessing from God to me and my patients. In my book,  Every Women’s Guide To Beautiful Hair At Any Age, I write about many of my findings.

Hair Loss on a scalp level falls into two categories:

Internal Follicle Hair loss

  • You lose hair because the normal function of some or all parts of the internal portion of your hair follicle has been disturbed or altered. This tube- like impression that rests in the dermis of the skin is responsible for the development and growth of your hair strand. The inner follicular area also determines the life span of each strand, as well as the color, shape and size. 
  • When your follicle is functioning as it should, your hair will grow from the follicle for 2 to 6 years. Within some families, genetics, the hair of the females it will grow from the follicle for up to 8 years, but this is rare.

External Follicle Hair Loss

  • You lose hair around the mouth of the hair follicle or within the hair strand.
    The pinhole- type opening that rests in the epidermis is responsible for allowing the hair to emerge. The external follicular area is a part of the determining factor of hair length. 
  • As the hair strand emerges, it is imperative to protect both the epidermis scalp and the body of the strand in order to have hair with length or fullness.
    In a healthy state the average strand can obtain 24 inches in length.

“My hair is not growing!”

Hair loss on a strand level is usually the result of your hair care regime, which can result in  Short Hair Syndrome  (SHS).  The main symptom of SHS is an inability to obtain length and/or fullness.

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