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What is a trichologist?

What is a trichologist? A trichologist is someone who specializes in hair-loss problems, such as baldness, hair breakage, and itchy, flaking scalp.

So why did I go visit a trichologist? Well, over the years, I’ve noticed some changes in my hair—that it’s not as abundant as it used to be. Either induced by stress, climate, or age, I miss the giant mane of ponytail that I used to have. So I went for a visit with the man himself, the man who coined the term “bad-hair day,” Philip Kingsley, the original trichologist from London____, who just happened to be in town. Quick background: Philip Kingsley has been the leading authority on hair and scalp for 50 years, and he’s developed a major cult following, expanding from the British royals to Hollywood superstars. And it’s no surprise—with his dashing attire and gentle English accent, you know you are going to be taken care of.

Now don’t be confused, as this Philip Kingsley N.Y.C. locale is a clinic and not a hair salon. I felt as though I was possibly visiting a doctor’s office, and when I spoke to Stephen Pullan, one of the main trichologists there, who has been with Mr. Kingsley for 32 years, I could swear I was speaking to a hair doctor. I addressed my concerns, and Stephen walked me through various triggers and the status of my scalp and hair strands, and then he began his five-step process, which lasted an hour. The result? My head felt much lighter but my hair felt fantastically fuller! How magical does that sound?

Their philosophy is simple: “The foundation of healthy hair begins at the scalp.” And in the midst of our dry-shampoo-crazed generation, they believe that scalp and hair should be washed every day, as you do your face and body. And to achieve healthy and beautifully full hair, I was given a prescription of various products, such as __ __Re-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner along with their Scalp Toner (apply at scalp after washing) and Elasticizer Extreme(apply from root to tip 20 to 30 minutes before washing), which I am now addicted to because the result is noticeable.

So if you feel like your hair needs a lift from within, I recommend going for a consultation at Philip Kinglsey, and you might just see me there once a week!

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