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Why all the Hair Drama?

Women have a lot of drama surrounding their hair. There are always questions regarding whether to wear hair curly or straight; natural or chemically treated; long or short.

  • Is chemically altering my hair considered assimilation? 
  • Should I relax my hair to seem educated or fit in with my colleagues?
  • Do I need to use added hair to achieve my desired length?

Everyone has an opinion…

  • Many women believe they must take into account what others think in order to be accepted.
  • n order to achieve an accepted look, women abuse, misuse, bully, and damage their hair as they manipulate it into shape.
  • As women learn to accept, respect, appreciate, and understand their hair in its natural state, the choice to change their hair can be made without damaging.

Well, ladies, it is time to take a ride on the hair freedom train

  • It always should be your choice to wear your hair naturally, chemically altered, or any other way you want.
  • But you must first stop placing value on what someone else thinks about your hair, and stop making choices to alter the style of your hair before becoming educated about that choice
  • My prayer and hope is that this web site will facilitate the process of solving a problem that we have made bigger than it ever should have become.
  • Your hair is truly your crown. It covers and protects your head from the environment, while providing the image of yourself that you want to project to the world.

Celebrate your look!

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